1.) What kind of website is The Customized Cash Machines ?

This  internet based monlthymembership club and electronic step by step video classroom where you will learn how to create income generating revenue by selling customized products and services in multiple forms in the form of customized books, customized videos, customized templates, customized travel, customized clothing, customized food and so many more. You will then choose the services or products  based upon what you feel comfortable with to make money online or offline. Everything you see is what I have been able to do personally.

 2.) Well what is inside the club?

The first thing you will do once you join the club is to download or sign upto the 6  resources that will allow you to get started. Each week , I will be posting new articles so that you can get better each week until you accomplish your goal.  There will be a discussion board inside and you can ask any question and I will be there to answer it. In the upcoming months, there are dozens of new services and products that will make you money.


3.) What Is Your Experience?

Others have  talked the talk but have never produced anything outside selling internet marketing products.  I walk what I talk about. I have been online working from home since 2000.  am a 3 man operation (Me, Myself and I) I know how to sell on Ebay, Clickbank, Google, Yahoo, YouTube and many more. My specialty is creating customized publishing  and customized products. I know what works and what does not work because I experiment on something new every week

Here are just a few products that I have created.

1.) The Customized Newspaper Business ( Physical Manual and Downloadable software)

2.) Customized Candy Bar Business (Physical Manual and Downloadable Software)

3.) How To Create Giant Customized Fortune Cookies ( 15 page report)

4.) How To Get A Federal Government Job ( 20 page report)

5.) St. Louis Cardinals Win World Series (Customized Homemade Event VIDEO)

6.) The Cancun Travel Report- Customized Video Travel Blogging ( Homemade VIDEO)

7.) How To Get Your Child In TV Commercials ( E-book)

8.) How To Win Custom Made Car Shows  (Homemade Event  VIDEO )

9.) How To Get In The Music Business ( Homemade DVD)

10.) Online Customized Travel Website Program (Successful  Affiliate)

11.) Online Customizec Matchmaking ( Successful Affiliate)

12) How To Build Super Sized Traps (Shoulder Blades) - special fitness niche

13.)How To Build A Body Like Beyonce (Affiliate Niche)

14.) The  Customized Photo Card Business Program ( book and template program)

15.) And So Much More......

4.) What other things have I done?

Listen, you really won't find me speaking at internet seminars or all over the internet selling "marketing books" I truly believe that the best way to make money online is to become good in other markets. I love to travel twice per month. I love to play sports, spend time with friends/family,  go to movies, eat out everyday and live a very simple life where I can do whatever I want whenever I want with  no bosses giving me my time schedule. The only reason I do what I do now is for freedom. Once you have the money from your internet business, you will find out that world is so much better. It becomes your personal  playground instead of living in a prison where your job tells you which two weeks you can have off. When you get involved in the type of lifestyle, you get to choose anything you want to do at any time.

 I like to make everything as simple as possible.  I know it takes me a long time to comprehend things so believe me I totally understand that you want things as simple as possible.  I have no doubt that if you apply what I tell you, that you will begin to see your income increase within the next few weeks. If you don't, then you can cancel at any time but my job is to make sure you succeed. That is why you are going to see lots of training and discussion topics when you join.